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Solution Graphics

Sawtooth Hangers: .60 per letter
Add Sawtooth hangers to your letters if you'd like them to hang in a floating manner rather then from ribbon. They are picture hangers that attach to the back of each letter. And hang from a nail.
Mounting Tape: .55 per letter
Mounting tape is a strong double-sided foam-based tape that is used to hang items. One side of the backing is peeled off the tape and stuck to an object, and then the other side of the backing is peeled off exposing the adhesive. The object is then set into place where desired. Makes the job super easy and quick! (This is how I have hung both of my children's letters)

Satin Ribbon: .50 per letter

Satin Ribbon can be attached to your letters in either a hoop style (without bow) or with a bow. Colors to choose from; red, light pink, hot pink, blushing pink, white, black, brown, navy, baby yellow, baby blue, tan, ivory,and lavender.

These are hung with white ribbon with bow and nail covers (covers can be purchased separately)