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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the price per letter? Yes price is PER letter as each one of these is hand cut and painted by just me!

 How long does it take to get my letters?Approx 8-10 weeks there are some occasions it make take a bit longer, plan ahead these take time to produce.

What if I need it sooner? If you need them sooner please be sure to purchase a RUSH order which is done in 4-5 weeks (clarify with me at the time to confirm I have openings for rush orders avaliable) this is a very popular option

How much is a rush order? Depends on the size of order for 4 or less letters it is $35 for 5-9 letters it is $50 and for 10-14 letters it is $75 if accessories are added in please get a quote for rush cost.

Who paints your letters? Just me! I paint each one by hand to be sure you get the quality and creativity you see in all of my previous works.

Who cuts your letters? I have a large router that cuts them from high quality wood so you get precision cut wall letters that match each other to a T.

What accessories can I get to match my custom letters? Pretty much anything you can think of! nail covers, light switch plates, outlet cover plates, drawer knobs, frames, stools, wastebaskets, birth announcement plaques, wood shapes, coat racks, shelves, coat pegs, letter hangers, tissue boxes, canvas wall art you name it I can paint it!

Do you have a website? Yes

How can I see what my letters will look like in each font? Go to this link for see my font preview tool:

Where can I find the order form?

How long have you been painting? Professionally now for 9 years and way before that for fun! To date I've painted over 78,000 letters and counting!

Can you paint ANY theme? Yep, there is nothing I have found I can't paint yet!
How do I know if my order has shipped? You will receive an email via paypal with your tracking info when the package is ready to ship.
Do you accept returns? Absolutely NO returns will be accepted, understand I have no use for a name/product you ordered custom to meet your needs. If there is an error in the order I will always fix it. But if you order something and didn't read what you were getting I can't take responsibility for that, always understand what you are ordering.
Why did I only get one letter? AGAIN all prices are per letter. If you pay for one letter and request an entire name I will send the first letter only, if payment has not been made to cover the rest of the letters. We contact you immediately after order has been placed to notify you of the discrepancy, if no reply is made to our emails we will send the one letter only.  
We have a very strict checks and balances system. We've had quite a few people try to sneak by and buy only one letter and request an entire name in hopes to only have to pay for that one letter. Don't waste your time we won't miss it.  
Thanks for your business, if you ever have any questions not answered here please feel free to email 
I will always reply to all emails if you don't see a reply check your spam box that is most likely where my email got filtered to.